Tubular Front STREET Arms (MK4/R32/TT/all)

Built to order, these Stage 1 suspension arms are the first step toward better handling and increased stiffness on your aggressively-tuned street car. As our entry level performance part, we design these arms with affordability and stiffness in mind. The triangulated design, massive chromoly tubing and chromoly spherical rod ends will provide you with some of the best handling response you can achieve.

You can achieve up to 1deg of negative camber with these arms and 7deg static caster. This caster setting increases straight line stability and also creates a negative camber gain as the car rolls. This presents the tire flatter to the ground for a traction gain when you need it most.

  • Compatible with stock subframe and all tubular subframes
  • Strongest suspension arms currently in production
  • Updatable spherical rod ends (FK Bearing)
  • Stainless steel bushing

Although the  rod ends provide no cushion at all, they articulate without any of the binding and "sticktion" involved with rubber and harder material bushings. On most road surfaces, driver and passenger experience a remarkably smooth but firmer ride with tremendous improvement in steering feel and handling precision. There is no chatter or knocking noise typical with lesser components.

Note: Arms accept standard Mk4 Ball Joints. Purchase a discounted set with your pair of arms. Add our inexpensive new Seal Kit to protect rod ends against corrosion from weather, salt, etc.


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  • Model: SUSPMK4ARM1
  • Manufactured by: JUST Engineering

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