Tubular Racing Subframe (MK4 all)

Our newest Tubular Racing Subframe substantially increases grip! It reduces front-end roll and keeps the tires planted flatter to the road surface. Not only that, but this piece is 25% lighter than stock, helpfully reducing the car's natural front heaviness and tendency to understeer. Additionally, its chromoly 4130 tubular  structure resists twisting and bending forces far better than the heavy but flexy stamped steel OEM subframe. Lastly, all the floppy rubber mounting bits are removed. -no need to upgrade to bronze Solid Subframe Bushings. The connection is already metal on metal. -real deal bolt-on race car sh*t that delivers big on the street, too.

One of the more "magical" benefits to this setup is that installation makes the car roll less around corners without any other changes. Ride quality may actually improve due to increased chassis rigidity. No change to springs or anti-roll bars is involved, but the front end will simply not roll around as much during cornering. The effect is even more pronounced on a car with 3.2l six-cylinder engine.  Regardless, this bit of "something for nothing" not only saves money, it helps the car grip harder on rough surfaces via increased suspension travel independence, too.

Front end traction goes up. An understeering car handles more neutrally. This is achieved by raising the front roll-center to be closer to the center of gravity. (This geometric relationshiop is compromised after lowering the vehicle.) It's somewhat esoteric knowledge, but the resuts are huge gains in traction, chassis stability, and steering feel. - a huge confidence booster at speed.

In this variant, the steering rack is left in the standard position to avoid driveshaft and downpipe clearance issues. Street drivers on street tires will not feel much bumpsteer effect at all. However, when on race rubber (or otherwise using full suspension travel), a distinct twitch in the steering will be felt at full cornering load. Elite drivers will resolve this with the "RACEKIT/4M" system.


  • Compatible with other aftermarket tubular control arms (and not stock Mk4 arms)
  • Works with standard transmission mount (dog bone)
  • Built upon order


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  • Model: SUBFRAME4
  • Manufactured by: JUST Engineering

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