Schimmel VR6 24V Oil Filter Housing

Schimmel's 24v Oil Filter Housing has no equal. It protects from cold start up all the way to peak racing temperatures. -full racing performance + daily driving protection. The porting and machining artistry starts out with a 6.0lb billet block of 6061 T6 aluminum alloy. After many hours of machining, it is reduced to 2.25lb of perfected eye candy.

Equipped with the most common spin on oil filter thread, 13/16-16”, a builder may choose from over 20 different brands spin on filters including: Bosch, Amsoil, Mobil1, Fram, Wix, and high-end reusable examples, too.

VR6 engine block with Schimmel 24V Oil Filter Housing

The oil filter housing comes with one high-quality Mahle oil filter featuring an anti-drainback valve. This valve's purpose is to keep the oil filter filled at all times. So, when the engine is started, there will be an almost instantaneous supply of oil to the engine. Whereas, the original design allows oil to drain out of the filter through the oil pump when the engine is stopped. Upon next start up, oil must refill the filter before full oil pressure and flow can reach the engine.

Schimmel Oil Filter Housing for VW 24V VR6 engine

The housing also features an extra 1/8 NPT port to feed a turbo with fresh oil or to install a proper oil pressure sender after the oil filter. The OEM oil filter housing has three ports for sensors on top. All of these ports are unfiltered oil from pan and are before the filter. Thus, any of these ports are subject to sending dirty oil to your turbo bearings which will drastically reduce its life and performance. And, in case of gauge setup, the pressure drop after the filter will not be factored in.

Each oil filter housing comes equipped as follows:
1. Oil Filter Housing
2. Cap screw fasteners
3. Mahle spin-on filter
4. OEM housing to block o-ring seals.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: A Mocal Thermostatted Adapter Plate allows for faster than standard oil warm ups, less oil heat relayed to the water cooling system, and the means to align inlet/outlet ports for custom layouts. Examples are a swap into MK1, MK2, MK3 when front engine bracket provisions are needed.

Mocal Thermostatted Oil Filter Adapter Plate for VW VR6



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  • Model: OILHOUSEVR624
  • Manufactured by: Schimmel Performance

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