"R" Intake Camshaft (Gen1&2 FSI/TSI)

Performance upgrade for the 200-210 hp engines (with belt driven cams). This cam is sourced straight from the 256hp Golf R. Idle is OEM refined. Output is "MORE".

It fits engines with timing belts and not chains. Duration is greater than the standard stick but retains the same lift. Thirdly, the pump-driving lobe is hardened for longer life (solving a chronic problem that plagues Mk5 cars).

Mk5 owners with worn lobes should upgrade to this cam immediately. No retune is necessary. It's a drop in. Folks with early Mk6 engines already open are also smart to swap. -especially when a larger turbo is installed. Such engines will produce about 15 extra horses up top. Sound and emissions issues do not change. This is an OEM solution. Engines with wee turbochargers will not see much change. Power, torque and response will not be hurt, but there is no compelling improvement..

In short, this OEM part is suitable for upgrading cars with hurt cams AND also for those who are pushing hard with bigger turbos and need a bit more air flow.
Be smart about your investments.


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  • Model: 06F109101K
  • Manufactured by: Techtonics Tuning

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