Mazda 323 GTX 8mm Plug Cables (B6T)

  • Manufactured by: Genesis


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When's the last time you found a new product for the venerable Mazda 323 GTX? Genesis 8mm cables are an affordable upgrade beyond corporate car parts stores. Deliver lots of SPARK ENERGY for years and years. Built to rally standard,  they keep electrical energy in and heat out! Silicone insulation resists temperatures up to 600°F which avoids build up of internal resistance.

Mazda 323 GTX rally

Stainless steel magnetic conductive windings to produce crisp response, eliminate "break up" under big boost, and even help improve gas mileage. Proper shielding keeps eletrical noise from interfering with televisions, cell phones, computers and care stereos.

USRT Genesis 323 GTX spark plug wires ignition cables

Our two-layer silicone-over-silicone cable ensures superior voltage protection. Common practice among most wire set manufacturers is to provide silicone for the outer jacket only.  OEM-quality boots are corrosion resistant and feature oversized clip-lock terminals. Builders are guaranteed positive electrical connection each time cables are installed or reinstalled. That brand new "springy feel/click" is retained over time. Fitment is plug & play direct.

323 GTX GTAE USRT Genesis

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