Tubular Front Control Arms (MK3 ABA)

  • Model: SUSPMK3ABATARM/28-3x00
  • Manufactured by: Fabless Manufacturing

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Mk3 cars with ABA engines aren't exactly overpowered. So, going fast requires keeping momentum around turns. Our tubular control arms are lighter, stiffer, and able to move more freely than stock equipment. Designed to improve front tire grip, steering feedback and response, they are blessings at the limits of adhesion. Performance on bumpy surfaces is noticeably improved via reduction of unsprung weight and far smoother suspension travel. Replacement of factory control arms is direct and OEM style sway bar end links are utilized.

The pair of arms are precisely TIG Welded and manufactured with 1-1/8″ DOM 0.120 wall high quality tubing and 1/2″ quality Chromoly Heim Joints with PTFE lining or firm polyurethane bushings. For added strength and security, the ball joint is  sandwiched in between two plates instead of on top of just one.


FM MK3 ABA tubular control arms

Although the top-quality Teflon®-lined rod ends provide no cushion at all, they articulate without any of the binding and "sticktion" involved with rubber and harder material bushings. On most road surfaces, driver and passenger experience a remarkably smooth but firmer ride with tremendous improvement in steering feel and handling precision. There is no chatter or knocking noise typical with rod ends.

Mk3 Tubular Control Arms: 4.9lbs/2.25kg
Mk3 stock (stamped steel) control arms: 7.5lbs/3.40kg
Standard caster angle

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