Indication LED

  • Model: WAILEDX
  • Manufactured by: SIRHC LABS


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These super bright LEDs are a great way to add visual indication to confirm the outputs on the Cortex EBC are being activated as you expect. They're also helpful for diagnosing performance changes from air cooling only to octane + cooling modes. (For more information about that, see our "CHECK TEE" and "Dual Nozzle Package" upgrades.)

Cortex Indicator LED

The LEDs are configured for 12V automotive applications and are available in a variety of colors. We might use them like this:
Green: full system on/ready
Blue:  pump spraying  (air cooling only)
Red: octane solenoid triggered open
White: BigUpperK03 or post-compressor spray activation
Yellow: PeaceKeeper HDS intercooler spray system

Note: Sold individually.

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