VW 16V "Bosch" Trigger

  • Model: IGTN16VME7
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team


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A complete cam position trigger for early VW 16-valve motors (KR, PL, 9A, ABF, etc), this system is compatible with Bosch ECUs including M5.92 (USA AEB), M3.82, M3.83, ME7, and more. Remove the stock distributor. Drill/tap the exhaust cam to accept mounting hardware (M8x1.25). Then, bolt on this assembly and enjoy modern engine management support.

Above: Bare head shown with USRT 16v Billet Coolant Neck

Below: Sensor can be installed facing up or down.
VW 16v ignition trigger

Kit includes: Billet (6061) aluminum trigger assembly and stainless steel hardware.
USRT 16v Bosch ME7 trigger kit parts
VW, KR, PL, 9A, ABF, 16v, ignition, trigger, distributor
Volkswagen, KR, PL, 9A, ABF, 16v, Bosch, standalone, ECU, ignition

Technical note: The 16v (KR, PL, & 9A) engine predates electronic fuel injection and relies upon a vacuum advance distributor to handle timing duties plus spark delivery. All the VW engines to follow (including ABF 16v) feature at least a crank position sensor. These crank triggers have a 60-tooth wheel with 2 missing teeth (commonly referred to as "60-2"). This is what you need for batch fuel injection and wasted spark ignition with Bosch ME7 ECU. (Standalone controllers may be able to use other crank triggers, too (e.g. 36-1 or 30-1).

VW Audi impuse ring 048105189B crank trigger

Later multi-valve engines are also fit with cam triggers to make sequential fuel injection and ignition possible. -more power, lower emissions, and increased fuel efficiency! Those managed by Bosch ME7 have 4 teeth with 2 larger and 2 smaller. This non-linear but sequenced counting of the cam trigger teeth tells the ECU which cycle the engine is on. -intake, compression, power, or exhaust. Older engines running ME5.x (e.g. AEB/AGU and some standalone boxes) used a single pulse cam trigger. These can be interchaged. So, if you need a single window wheel instead, just ask.
VW Audi ignition rotor 06B905234A

Technical note2: This cam setup complements and works with a crank trigger. It does not replace it. IF you have an old style block that lacks a crank trigger, THEN you must add one separately to use this cam trigger with factory management. Alternately, IF you have a standalone ECU and do not want to add a crank trigger, THEN you can opt for our VW 16V "EVO" Trigger Adapter. (It sends both an interpolated crank signal and true cam position.)

Underneath the USRT Bosch Trigger's stylish top is a Hall effect sensor that wires up identically to VAG 1.8T 20v (all variants) and Audi 2.2 20v (AAN). Of course, it's just as compatible with any modern standalone ECU:
USRT 16V Bosch ignition trigger wiring

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