USRT Direct Port System

  • Model: WAIDPX
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team

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Perfect your octane delivery and get the fueling you need. Mist distribution will be 100% even with each cylinder receiving the expected amount of help and protection. Tuning becomes simplified and fluid consumption is reduced. With supplied compression fittings, all connection points are made leakproof and will be completed in minutes vs. hours. -relatively inexpensively, too!

USRT direct port block

By far, the most popular configurations are "4PLUS1", "5PLUS1", or "6PLUS1" configurations with one nozzle per cylinder and another placed after the intercooler for main air temperature reduction. This primary air cooling nozzle works across the entire boost range (from low boost to peak).

We typically use as much as 225cc nozzle (with 50/50 brew) with our typical intake pipe diameters. If more air cooling is needed than this flow rate can achieve, spraying from a post-turbo position (only under heavy boost) is a great upgrade. That's generally what a "4/5/6PLUS2" is for. Under big load, the fluid flash evaporates and will never pool inside the intercooler. IC heatsoak will be minimized and IATs will remain flat. Or, in fact, they often DROP with increased boost!

ASK FOR A FREE CONSULTATION: We'll design your entire system and make sure you accomplish your goals while staying within budget.

usrt direct port water meth post turbo

"4PLUS1" T-fitting shown attached to flow control solenoid. Fluid enters one side and exits the other to go to the post-IC air cooling nozzle. A check valve is supplied to defeat gravity siphoning from that point.

USRT DP4 direct port system
Standard single-feed fitting demonstrated in "DP4" setup. Fluid only reaches the nozzles after the solenoid is commanded open.

Base Kit Includes:
1x direct port block with 3/16" (4.75mm) compression fittings
4x nozzle holders with 3/16" (4.75mm) compression fittings
1x 1/4" (6.35mm) feed compression fitting
4x nozzles
4x (feet) 3/16" (4.75mm) high pressure line
1x solenoid

Add a USRT "Boost Trigga" (or any other boost switch) to actuate the solenoid idependently from the pump. (Those with advanced controllers like Cortex, Torqbyte, or standalone ECU should use an unused GPO for this critical function.)

IE intake manifold set up for USRT direct port

Note: Nozzles feature the industry's smallest orifice sizes. Atomization is thus superb. With 3/16" Teflon tubing in place, control linearity is superior to systems that utilize 1/4" Nylon or hard metal lines. Vacuum siphoning is greatly reduced, too (without adding expensive check valves).

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