• Model: UNTRIGGA/15670NOS
  • Manufactured by: NOS


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Sometimes, you need to turn OFF a system at a certain boost pressure. For example, let's say you're using nitrous oxide only to spool a big turbo. A small 50hp shot will get the turbine wheel spinning. Then, this switch deactivates the spray at up to 7psi positive manifold pressure. The result is a safe but very muscular torque curve that feels like a far bigger engine.

UNtrigga, 15670NOS, pressure, switch, nitrous, VW, Volkswagen, Audi

On the other hand, if you need to turn something ON at a certain boost level, then see our popular Boost Trigga. Or, to automate complex switching with a modern programmable controller, look no further than the mighty Cortex EBC.


Adjustable Yes
Brand NOS
Inlet Thread 1/8NPT
Max Amp Load 8A
Max Pressure Setting 7 PSI
Normally Open / Closed Closed
Set Pressure 7 PSI

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