Rear Shock Top Mount Bushing

Mk1 rear shock mounts are soft and allow a lot of wiggle. This makes it hard to hold a consistent line around hard corners. This is only exaggerated when the inner rear tire comes off the ground and full weight is transferred to the other side.

Powerflex PFR85-241 bushings for VW MK1 VW MK1 shock bushings: Powerflex PFR85-241

Instead of a progressive and smooth drift, the tail often ends up wagging the dog. With such a short wheel base, these cars can be a challenge to drive smoothly at the limit. Yet, this complication is easily addressed:
Powerflex bushings PFR85-241: MK1 VW
Sold in kits to complete one vehicle, these upper mounts deliver more control and feedback from the rear suspension. The parts are inexpensive and easy to install, so get your act together and have more fun behind the wheel.

USRT poly bushings for VW MK1 shocks Powerflex PFR85-241 bushings from USRT



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  • Model: PFR85-241 x2
  • Manufactured by: Powerflex

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