038 Engine Swap System (8V diesel block)

Our new 038 236mm diesel block conversion allows direct fitment of a modern Mk4 engine to an earlier Mk1, 2 or 3. Add an 8-valve head from either early or later engine; the choice is yours. See our piston and connecting rods sections for more completion options.

While sharing lots of design DNA, early 8v engines (e.g. Mk1 - Mk2/3) differ from their younger cousins (e.g. Mk4). They use an intermediate shaft to drive the oil pump and distributor. Also, v-belts are used vs. the 06A/B motor's more convenient serpentine arrangement. The later model's water pump is internal vs. the older block's external system. Lastly,the modern blocks include a crank sensor. So, it's no longer necessary to add one for modern engine management. This package makes it a cinch to update an old generation chassis and to enjoy all the late model benefits.
Included in the conversion are:

• Prepared engine block
• Custom front engine mount (Mk1 applications only)
• Special timing belt and tensioner
• Front and rear crank seals
• Updated oil filter flange
• Special ARP head studs
• Crankshaft and billet camshaft timing pulleys
• Water pump
• Water outlet
• Heater core pipe
• Appropriate steel head gasket any bore to 84.00mm*

*Bore and hone to any custom piston size is $50/.5 mm (50% off standard pricing)

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Starting at: $899.00

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  • Model: 049198038
  • Manufactured by: Eurospec Sport

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