POLY Strut DROP Mount VW MK4/Audi TT

Our polyurethane "DROP" mounts attach struts 10mm higher. Use with height-adjustable coilover suspension to regain travel that was lost when lowering the car. Traction over rough surfaces will increase and the ride will become smoother, too. Or, use them to lower your chassis 10mm without any other changes to the suspension.

As with our regular POLY Strut Top Mounts, these parts offer 75% greater  control than stock but without the adjustment (or complication) of camber/caster plates. The ride is firmed up somewhat but overall comfort is retained in a reasonable OEM+ way. Even on rough potholed roads, the quality is quite reasonable. Long-term durability is greatly improved.

Generating and maintaining cornering traction requires that the tire's contact patch be held flat against the ground. As is the case with most strut suspensions, the Mk4 suffers from a distorted patch when under heavy load -especially six-cylinder models. The result is terminal understeer because the tire rolls over and only part of  the tread adheres to the track/street surface.

This problem is compounded by the soft strut top allowing movement from the top. WARNING: The following video may upset you.

Look at all that slop and movement! It's no wonder why these cars understeer so badly and feel so numb in stock form! Stopping this deflection is critical for achieving predictable handling and maximum traction. Traditionally, there have only been stock and full race systems. USRT provides a middle ground (biased towards serious sport).

Mounts will fit all VW chassis variants including Golf, Jetta, Mk1 TT and many European Seat/Skoda models as well. See this instruction sheet for fitment details.

Note: Pricing PER SET of two mounts to complete one vehicle.

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Starting at: $75.00

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  • Model: PFF85-431
  • Manufactured by: Powerflex

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