VC-50 MAP Controller (50psi max)

  • Model: SPVC50100/60500
  • Manufactured by: Snow Performance


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The VC-50 features a boost referenced 2 1/16" (52mm) gauge progressive water-methanol controller. Heavily loaded, the VC-50 comes with a dual tone 7 color OLED screen and shows boost, percentage of injection, low level status, independent secondary nozzle activation, and 2 specific fault modes (clogged line/broken line) directly on the screen.

The controller can be turned on/off to act as a boost gauge only or water-methanol controller. Use for dual nozzle operation with one nozzle placed after the intercooler (for air cooling) and another in a throttle plate or direct port format (for octane). Air cooling may be started just after boost hits while octane isn't need until well towards or at peak torque. This sophisticated injection strategy allows for the highest increases in HP and cooling among water-methanol injection systems.

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VC-50 Controller
2 1/16 Gauge Pod Assembly
Snow Performance 90 Day Parts Warranty

Key Features:
Adjustable Progressive Water-Methanol Controller All in One 7 Color OLED Screen
Displays Boost, Injection Percentage, Injection Error (s), Low Level
Second Stage Activation (eliminating need for Boost Trigga)
New Prime Feature Ensures Water-Methanol In Lines With Push of A Button
2x Fault Modes (Clogged Line/Broken Line)
Level Switch Upgrade 

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