KAAZ RACING Differential (02A/early 02J)

Clutch-type differentials are lighter and more aggressive than torque biasing differentials. In high-horsepower drag racing as well as racing on loose/slipperly surfaces, nothing can touch a car equipped with one of these. The traction advantage is so significant because the torque always goes to the wheel with less slip. That's even if one tire is on an oil patch in the burnout box, spinning on glare ice, or is completely shredded! (Helical diffs only work when both tires have at least some traction. Without it, the diff goes completely open.) Driving characteristics are somewhat odd on the street* but the feel is pure magic in hardcore competition.

Special note from Scott F. Williams (USRT, rally driver: retired.): "Recovering from a spin on gravel with an open differential is a serious question. With a helical-type it's very probable. It's almost a certainty with a clutch-type diff. Countersteer, boot the gas pedal, hook, and hold ON."

*Note: The new "SUPERQ" technology offers some wonderful new benefits:
A) Reduced/nearly eliminated chatter (Less complaints from the wife...),
B) More linear engagement/smoother torque transfer (Easier to drive at the limit),
C) Superior heat resistance (Doesn't overheat and lose torque biasing capability),
D) Advanced compound (Last longer between service),
E) NO BREAK IN (Get in it and drive immediately).

Note2: By special arrangement, unit can be supplied new (or subsequently serviced) with a "Thick Plate Set". Addition will increase preload Thus, LSD reaction time will be quicker and with more aggressive lock up. (This is the ice racer's dream and the autocrosser's nightmare.) The Thick Plate Set can also service a slightly tired unit before total overhaul. Contact us for details.

Note3: Even more esoteric is our Reinforced Cone Spring Set . This option will increase the preload. It is usually run with the Thick Plate Set. This is a potent RALLY combination. (Whereas, rally crossers may want a looser standard setting.) Road racers with high-grip slicks also benefit from higher preload. Contact us for details.

Package contents: Kaaz differential, gear oil, ring gear bolts

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Starting at: $999.00

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  • Model: DBV1820
  • Manufactured by: Kaaz

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