Peloquin 020 80% Shim Kit

Upgrade your Peloquin or factory open differential (not Quaife, Kaaz, or "other") without removing the transaxle. Decrease torque steer on all surfaces and improve traction on wet roads, in snow, ice, and in all rally conditions. This shim kit makes an open or Peloquin differential behave more like a plate-type race diff but without any of the ill side effects.

Volkswagen designed in a similar solution at the factory. Placed behind the drive flanges and spring retainers are locking rings that put pressure on the the trunion shaft and the differential housing. These preload the differential and provide a very slight amount of limited slilp assistance. However, the original parts are made of silicone bronze which is very inflexible and brittle. They break in several places and become completely uselss over time.

Whereas, the Peloquin mini-slip is made of manganese.This material is more flexible and locks about four times more aggressively. It also transmits less heat to gear oil, the differential housing, axle shafts, axle flanges, and CV joints. Thus, instead of failing after several thousand miles, it will perform year after year.

Peloquin 020 80% shim kit

The 80% kit includes: 10MMx1.5 CV flange tool, two CV flange seals, two C-clips, two 80% brass shims, two thrust washers, two steel puck seals with O-rings, and a pair of 10mm retaining bolts.

Note: Best implemented on 1984+ transmissions with 100mm flanges. If you have 90mm and your transmission is from 1984 or later, a small amount of filing/grinding is required to custom fit. If your gearbox is from 1983 or earlier, this kit will almost definitely not fit. Installation is easy with the transmission in place.

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  • Model: 020498080AZ
  • Manufactured by: Peloquin's Differentials

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