Mocal AN6/8/10 Filter (fuel/oil)

These filters flow up to 150 gph. Thus they can easily fuel 1,000hp engines. Rated to 300psi, they can withstand the mightiest of oiling systems. -stout!

Mocal AN fuel oil filter from USRT

Housings are made from lightweight billet 6061 aluminum and are anodized in black for tough chemical resistance. They available with a 10 micron cellulose element or a 100 micron stainless pleated element.

Mocal 6AN 8AN fuel oil filter disassembled AN fuel or oil filter: rebuildable + cleanable

Filter mesh: Since injectors can be clogged with particles as small as 20 microns, USRT recommends 10 micron filtration between the pump and engine fuel rail. Use 100 micron after tank protect expensive fuel pumps. Both cellulose and stainless elements are compatible with gasoline and alcohol. For secondary protection in lubrication systems, the 100 micron is recommended (because oil is much thicker than fuels).

Fittings choice: The 6AN size is a common choice for fuel systems but 8AN is great for keeping rail pressures stable. Oil systems are best equipped with 10AN.

Size: 6.25" long x 1.75" diameter

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Starting at: $69.00

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  • Model: FUELFLTR6AN
  • Manufactured by: Mocal

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