Stabila Corse Mk4 Rear Sway Bar (28mm/3-point adjustable)

  • Model: SC2473
  • Manufactured by: Black Forest Industries


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This 3-way position adjustable solid bar is just what your MK4 is missing. With solid OE construction, forged ends and durable gloss silver powdercoat finish this bar will stand up to anything you can throw at it. Install is extremely simple and all necessary hardware and instructions are included.

Why a Solid Bar Over a Tubular One?

Though tubular bars are lighter and hold that advantage over the solid bar, that's the only real advantage that the tubular bar has over a solid example. All other advantages belong to the solid bar:

1st Advantage - For any given diameter, a solid bar will have a higher capacity to resist torsional load than a hollow bar mainly because that stress, while mostly focused on the outer edge of each bar, is more evenly distributed though a solid bar vs only being distributed though the inner and outer walls of a tubular bar.

Quite simply a solid bar is stiffer than a tubular bar of that diameter, and is equivalent to a thicker tubular bar of the same material.

When comparing a solid sway bar with a tubular bar, you need to subtract the inside diameter (i.e. wall thickness times 2) to the fourth power from the outside diameter to the 4th power, and then take the fourth root of the both figures.

For this example we will use a standard wall thickness that is used by some manufacturers - 4mm, and compare it to our 25mm solid bar. We also assume we are using the same material and lever arm length. Here is the basic equation:

SD 4th Root((OD^4)-(ID^4)))

SD : Solid Diameter

OD : Outside Diameter

ID : Inside Diameter

Based on this wall thickness (4mm) A 27mm tubular bar would be the rough equivalent to our 25mm solid bar.

2nd Advantage: The ends of a tubular bar, whether they be sleeved, welded, or pinched can all be a weak point of the bar design. A solid bar uses stamped, forged ends making the ends the strongest part of the bar.

3rd Advantage: Design flexibility, the mandrels required for tubular bar design can often restrict certain shapes. This is not an issue with solid construction; it is much more effective in making complex shapes.

4th Advantage: The solid sway bar is just simpler. You wont ever have to worry about what the wall thickness is, or if it was bent/assembled properly. And you won't ever have to deal with this:

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