AEM Water/Methanol FAILSAFE Device

Actively Monitors ENTIRE Flow Curve to Prevent Engine Damage
Delivers Complete Peace of Mind If Your Water/Methanol System Experiences a Failure

For sure, AEM’s Water/Methanol FAILSAFE Device is the most advanced option on the market. It actively monitors the injection system’s ENTIRE flow curve to compensate for failure under ANY condition, allowing you to use your water/methanol system with complete peace of mind. The
system includes an internal data logger that records injection and alarm status data for future reference and a PC-based graphical user interface. Your vehicle becomes a rolling laboratory!

Today’s injection systems have proven themselves as a viable means for effectively reducing engine inlet air temperatures and suppressing harmful detonation. (Read a full explanation of water/methanol injection science to best appreciate the capabilities and benefits.) The tuner can reliably increase boost and advance ignition timing without the need for racing fuel. Despite the proven effectiveness and reliability of water/methanol injection, there exists a potential for engine damage if the water/methanol tank runs dry, if the pump stops working, or (more commonly) if there is a clogged nozzle or a leak in the system.

Most failsafe devices have settings for high and low range flow parameters, but only monitor flow at a single point. If the flow rate deviates from that one point for too long, then the controller takes corrective action. The problem is, water/methanol flow is rarely at zero or maximum flow. It fluctuates. So, while a simple logic system is certainly helpful, it is just not fully protective when a tune is at the razor's edge. In other words, it's just not fully "failsafe".

AEM’s Water/Methanol FAILSAFE Device actively monitors the entire flow curve independent of pressure. With continuous collection of flow vs. injection rate data, any deviation from your specific established flow curve will trigger a visible alarm. Output signals are also sent for reduction in boost or timing, to change to milder ECU mapping, for extra fuel, to trigger a two-step rev limiter, or to perform practically any action you choose to save your engine. The system is PC programmable (with USB connectivity) which eliminates all guesswork when setting min/max threshold parameters. 

Should an alarm trigger, the AEM Water/Methanol FAILSAFE Device has one low-side (ground) driver and one high-side (+12v) driver that can be configured to turn on or off during an alarm condition. Connect it to a boost purging solenoid that overrides the factory N75 valve or an aftermarket boost controler. In case of a fault, the manifold pressure will drop down to whatever the wastegate spring is set to. This will coincide with the gauge blinking quickly. An audible chime could be triggered at the same time to complete the solution. With standalone management, the possibilities are endless.

Even better, the high-tech analog gauge features programmable backlighting and needle color to match factory gauges. This makes for a stealthy OEM+ appearance to keep your cabin looking refined and clean.

Water/Methanol FAILSAFE Device Racer Features

  • Actively monitors the entire water/methanol fuel injection curve to trigger an alarm event under any defined adverse condition!
  • Can be used on virtually all water/methanol injection systems with ¼” OD tubing
  • “Auto Set” feature automatically creates baseline configuration
  • Built-in warning lights inform user of an alarm trigger
  • Internal data logger records all injection flow and alarm status data
  • Included high-tech analog gauge has black and white faceplates and bezels to match vehicle interior, and is programmable for either 0-500cc/min or 0-1000cc/min flow ranges
  • Gauge alarm and backlighting are user programmable to match interior lighting
  • Data analysis using AEMdata software.

Water/Methanol FAILSAFE Device Tuner Features

  • Tunable PC-based software with USB connectivity
  • One low-side (ground) driver and one high-side (+12V) driver can be configured to turn on or off during an alarm condition
  • Fully adjustable alarm delay and reset period
  • 0-5v Analog output for use with data loggers and virtually all engine management systems
  • Auxiliary input for use with AEM Water/Methanol “Boost Safe” feature can trigger an alarm event if there is a system readiness issue (open circuit, short circuit, low fluid level, etc.)
  • Precision flow sensor included
  • Data analysis using AEMdata software.

Setting up the AEM Water/Methanol FAILSAFE device is easy!

First, pick a flow range up to After installation, start by taking several pulls to estblish a baseline flow curve. This information will be stored in the software and and is viewable on the auto-scaling graph. Once your flow curve is established, set your high and low flow limit curves. The Auto Set Limits feature can do this automatically for you.

Once you have established your injection/flow limits, set the Alarm Delay (in miliseconds) to optimize performance, and then set your alarm reset time.

The last step is to configure your outputs to perform a desired function in the event an alarm is triggered. The possibilities are endless. Cut timing or boost, add fuel, switch maps... It's your call! After this step is complete, you can use your water/methanol injection system with complete peace of mind.

Now, to the fun part! Our multi-color LEDs allow you to perfectly match your OEM or aftermarket gauge lighting. We also include black and white face plates with both black and silver bezels. Both needle and backlighting are fully user definable.

If something goes wrong, the AEM Water/Methanol FAILSAFE Device will protect your engine. But you will still want to know what triggered that high or low-side alarm. With that in mind, the FAILSAFE is equipped with an internal data logger that records all injection and alarm status data for later viewing.

AEM Failsafe Audi


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  • Model: 30-3020
  • Manufactured by: AEM

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