Solid Subframe Bushings (4Motion rear)

Solid subframe bushings for all Mk4 chassis with 4Motion AWD (i.e. R32/TT/A3) improve rear end communication, and reduce dynamic alignment change during hard cornering. Constructed of CNC machined aluminum alloy, they are bulletproof. BUY TWO PACKAGES for a fully hardcore foundation. That means all four upper positions and also all four lower positions are anchored hard to the chassis.

mk4 4motion rear subframe with usrt solid aluminum bushings

Or, if you prefer an intermediate arrangement, then go with just a single set. This would replicate the parts supplied in the TT Roadster (convertible). Yes, it was blessed with half aluminum bushings while the R32 and TT hardtops got only the soft rubber. The sport models got the softest bits. You're not going to allow this, right? Fix it now.

Combine with solid front subframe bushings for a great upgrade in steering feel and precision! Double down on that with the famous Solid Steering Rack Bracket. For the ultimate handling upgrade, add tubular front control arms and don't look back. It's all fantastically streetable and then potent in competietion.

R32/Mk1 TT subframe with USRT 4M Rear solid bushings

Your vehicle can be "weaponized" and keep it's street manners at the same time. It's done with select items like these. They seriously enhance the vehicle's natural talents without warping its character. Parts are priced in sets of four. BUY TWO PACKS to fit all 8 bushing positions (4 upper + 4 lower).


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  • Model: SUSP4MRSB
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