Genesis II 500cc "FOGGER" - (8V/16V/AEB & AGU 1.8T/MK2&3 VR6 12V)

  • Model: INJG2500AEB
  • Manufactured by: Genesis


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Second generation Genesis II injectors with advanced atomization technology excel in all engines tested to date. Features are wide-angle single cone, fast response, and incredibly small droplet size emitted directly from the nozzle's twelve pin holes.

Without any other modifications, this breakthrough technology quickens turbo spool, fattens mid-range torque, and delivers storming top-end power. Throttle response is razor sharp and idle is silky smooth. See a massive 15awhp gained with these injectors compared to a 550cc test set.

genesis2 500cc dyno chart
All this is achieved by directing radically tiny droplets directly at the intake valves. This avoids wall-wetting and guarantees superior air/fuel mixture. Thus, these injectors are exceptionally easy to dial in and tune.


Genesis2 500 multi-hole spray tip

Multiple holes break fuel into a fine mist. Count these and then count yours. Are you getting an efficient burn? -definitely not with old technology injectors.

Flow at 5bar base pressure is perfect to support hp in the upper 300s on pump gasoline. Up to 8bar rail pressure recommended to generate significantly more. Parts priced each in direct-fit configuration.


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