Genesis VR6 12V Ignition Combo (MK3)

This kit contains all the goods to transform a Mk3 or Mk4 VR6 ignition system. A true high output solution, these bits replace the OEM parts which are a triple threat of unreliable, expensive, and weak in output. Suffer no longer and attain multiple benefits. Those include increased fuel efficiency, sharper throttle response -especially under heavy boost -cleaner idle, faster rev response, and cleaner emissions!

Since significantly more energy is released during each spark event, this allows for a wider plug gap without fear of misfire. Parts priced include custom mounting and high output coils, Genesis 8mm Blaster Plug Cables, and Coil Pack Bracket. (Bracket is no longer coated for superior grounding capacity.)

Minor rewiring of the ignition control module is required to complete the conversion.


Coil Wire Attachment   Male/HEI
Coil Style   Coil pack
Primary Resistance   0.350 ohms
Coil Internal Construction   Epoxy
Coil Color   Red
Maximum Voltage   40,000 V
Turns Ratio   80:1
Secondary Resistance   7.8K ohms
Inductance   4.2 mH

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  • Model: IGTNVR612V3
  • Manufactured by: Genesis

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