Audi TT 180Q 3" Downpipe

Finally a 3" Downpipe For The 180 Quattro!

The Audi TT 180Q blends the smaller turbo of the 180FWD with the drivetrain of the 225Q creating a truely unique downpipe. Since the release of the 180Q TT in 2000 owners have been begging for a 3" downpipe. Prototypes & one-offs have been made, however a production product has never seen the market. After months of testing we are proud to release our 180Q 3" downpipe!

Quickly glancing under the chassis of a 180Q one would assume combine the bottom half of our 225 downpipe with the top half of our 180FWD downpipe. This assumption couldn't be further from reality. While the location of the turbo matches the 180FWD, there are signficant differences between the 225 exhaust and the 180Q. The size of the K03 flange immediately caused problems. The angle of the turbo outlet and the shape of the quattro transmission call for a subtle, yet incredibly precise series of bends.

Starting at the turbo discharge our downpipe bolts up with a CNC machined turbo flange. A slight expansion to the stock turbo outlet allows exhaust gases a smooth transition to our 3" piping. Two slight bends allow the body of the downpipe to clear the heatshields, power steering rack, and quattro transmission. A stainless steel flex section accurately placed allows for engine movement. Our signature adjustable 3-bolt flange finishes up the first section of our downpipe, allowing for precise adjustments in fitment. Next a Magnaflow cat bolts-up and piping makes an S-bend to meet the stock exhaust location. An adaptor is used to allow bolt-on fitment to any stock or aftermarket cat-back. The whole system bolts together with grade 5 hardware and triple layer gaskets. Mechanical locking nuts are used to ensure our downpipe never comes loose.

Our 3" downpipe upgrade has been designed to squeeze all available power from a street or track driven TT. Power increases can be felt instantly after installation. Midrange and top end power increases dramatically while almost no low end power loss is felt. Boost builds steadily without a major spike in pressure. On the smaller K03 turbo cars power increases are maximized by additional modifcations (intake, cat-back exhaust, N75 valve, etc). Since the 1.8T's initial VW release in 2000, it has been proven time and time again that 3" downpipe upgrades provide healthy power increases on all 1.8T motors.

Our 3" downpipe upgrade is available in two configurations - street or race. Street series downpipes include a high-flow cat. We use a Magnaflow 200 cell metal cat in a spun stainless steel body. Race series downpipes include a test pipe. Test pipes and cat sections are available separately for those who wish to change at a later date. Thanks to our modular flange design the cat can be easily removed on race day and reinstalled for street use.


  • CNC mandrel bent 14 gauge aluminized steel tubing
  • CNC machined 3/8" steel flanges
  • 100% TIG welded construction
  • Included 2.150" adaptor allows fitment of any cat-back
  • Stainless steel braided flex section
  • Magnaflow 200 cell 409 stainless steel cat (Street Series)


  • Fits 2000-2006 Audi TT 180 Quattro
  • Custom adjustable flanges allow for precise fitment in every TT
  • Available in street or race configuration
  • 2 triple layer gaskets included
  • 5/16" corrosion resistant locking hardware included

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  • Model: EX-TT-11X
  • Manufactured by: 42 Draft Designs

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