MEAN STREET Rear Control Arms

Got a street-tuned Mk1 TT or a Mk4 R32 and push it hard through the corners? You lean on the suspension and feel the rear wiggle? Or, maybe you feel nothing at all. That's because of the numb rubber bushings (and sometimes lack of suspension travel). The car is aggressively lowered? Standard links don't allow for toe and camber adjustment. So, rear tires wear out as alignment goes off. On top of that the stock arms suffer from flimsy yoke ends. They commonly fail under heavy stress when in a bind state. If you're imagining a hard track day or continued street use while slammed, you're paying close attention.


Under daily driving conditions, these arms feel more or less like stock. Push them hard in corners, however, and rear end feels more lively, responsive to inputs, and more "communicative" than the original setup. Keys to success are lightweight but stiff rods and increased bushing hardness. As far as noise, vibration and harshness is concerned, there essentially is none. Here is your OEM+++ solution.

Fit & Function

Our MEAN STREET double adjustable control arms are sold as a set of two arms for all 4th generation 4Motion cars, the Mk4 Golf R32, and both 180hp) and 225hp TT (which share the same chassis as their VW cousins).

USRT Mk4 VW R32/Mk1 Audi TT rear suspension

Mk4 VW R32/Mk1 Audi TT rear control arms MadMax Mk4 VW R32/Mk1 Audi TT rear control arms


  • All steel construction
  • Lighter than OEM
  • Polyurethane ends with race-calibrated durometer
  • Grease fittings for noise free operation for life
  • Industrial grade powder coat finish
  • Available in light blue or black. (Let us know which you prefer in the order notes.)


We've got years of racing put into parts development. A lot of emphasis was put into structural rigidity by doing actual load test, FEA simulation, as well much street plus autocross testing.

The goal for this entry level product was to produce a long-living solution that delights the street driver.

MadMax Audi Mk1 TT rear control arm

The FEA tests also revealed that the yoke ends were the most vulnerable part of the arms in dynamic situations, so it was decided to have the strongest steel yoke end available made for this platform. The arms have an all steel construction with a center tube that does not have shallow welded inserts that crack over time (as some other aftermarket control arms are prone to do).

Internal note: Box is 24x12x2.


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