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Got a Mk1 TT or a Mk4 R32 and push it hard through the corners? You need these rear arms. Your car is lowered, too? You definitely need this race-perfected but street-refined solution! The standard links don't allow for toe and camber adjustment when the ride height is altered. So, handling becomes unstable and the rear tires wear out as the height is dropped. On top of that the stock parts have super-flimsy yoke ends. They fail easily and commonly under heavy stress when in a bind state. If that sounds like racing or low-ride height street use, you're paying close attention.


Under daily driving conditions, these arms feel more or less like stock. Push them hard in corners, however, and the driver quickly realizes that the rear end is more lively, responsive to inputs, and far more "communicative" than the numb OEM bits. The keys to success are lightweight but stiff rods and obsessive attention to bushing stiffness. As far as noise, vibration and harshness is concerned, there essentially is none.

Fit & Function

MadMax adjustable control arms allow camber and toe adjustability to the rear of the MKIV VW R32 and MK1 Audi TT (2000-2006). They are sold as a set of two arms for the Golf R32/1.8T (180hp) TT or the 1.8T (225hp) 1.8T/3.2L V6 TT. While inherently similar, the two designs accommodate the slight difference that exists between the hubs. No competing part on the market makes this distinction.

USRT Mk4 VW R32/Mk1 Audi TT rear suspension

MadMax Mk4 VW R32/Mk1 Audi TT rear control arms MadMax Mk4 VW R32/Mk1 Audi TT rear control arms


  • All steel construction
  • Lighter than OEM at 2.3 lbs each
  • Gold anodized center tubes with no welds to break and deep inner threads
  • Polyurethane ends with proprietary durometer
  • Grease fittings for noise free operation for life
  • Internal permanent lubricant coating with Molybdenum Disulfide
  • Industrial grade powder coat finish on the ends


SCCA racer Max Clesca developed these adjustable control arms to use in his Solo competitive Audi TT. After looking at the existing options in the market, Max decided to build control arms that would, not only perform at the track, but also be reliable, strong, and quiet enough for true street duties. A lot of emphasis was put into structural rigidity by doing actual load test, FEA simulation, as well as a lot track and street testing.

The goal was to avoid Heim joints in such a load bearing location and considerably increase the life of the arms, but at the same time retain all the performance by choosing polyurethane bushings of the right durometer. Several off-the-shelf poly bushings were tested before reaching the decision to have proprietary polyurethane bushings made for the application.

MadMax Audi Mk1 TT rear control arm

The FEA tests also revealed that the yoke ends were the most vulnerable part of the arms in dynamic situations, so it was decided to have the strongest steel yoke end available made for this platform. The arms have an all steel construction with a center tube that does not have shallow welded inserts that crack overtime like some other aftermarket control arms in the market. Nothing was overlooked in the design because these control arms were made by actual members of the community that wanted a better product, not some random shop that don't even own, drive, or even tested their product on an Audi TT/VW R32. You will find these arms on R32 and TT that compete in SCCA Solo and road racing at the highest level, including the Madmax Audi TT that has dominated Waterfest autocross competition by winning first place for 3 years in a row.


injector install

Internal note: Box is 24x12x2.

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