Foundation System

Consists of all parts needed for basic installation using customer supplied O.E. stamped steel crank pulley or Fluidampr Viscous Crank Pulley.

Hard chargers need help keeping  the oil lubricated and parasitic drag to a minimum. That's done with these dry sump systems for the 06A, 06B and 06F family of engine blocks. The hardcore racer now has an industry-leading solution ready to install with no need for further thought or concerns.

Substantial improvements have been made to the previous generation by increasing the pressure section from 30 mm to 36 mm. This nets a massive 15% gain in oil supply. Increasing the scavenge discharge size nets a 40% improvement in scavenging. Expect increased crankcase vacuum and overall superior function over the what was already an incredible setup. The system is comprised of four modular elements for flexible use in any application.

Foundation: Comprised of a three stage pump with two scavenge sections and a single adjustable pressure section, a mounting plate which is machined from solid 6061 T6. This plate provides the most ridged means of mounting the pump as compared to blade or bracket mounted pumps. Includes a flange that provides for filter mounting as well as internal passaging and drilled for an oil temp probe. A fabricated oil pan with assembled pump to pan oil lines, all fittings required, all pulleys and belts.


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  • Model: EDS198105A
  • Manufactured by: Eurospec Sport

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