Master Bottom End (034-type block)

This package combines our race-engineered main bearing caps and Block Girdle in one discounted package. When you're serious about making power and keeping your precious race engine alive for one season after another, this is the simple and obvious way to go. At this level of competition, the champs are quickly separated from the chumps. Do the job once and do it RIGHT.

The girdle keeps the block from twisting and the caps keep the crankshaft from popping out of the block itself. Together both prevents distortion and misalignment of the main bearings under extreme performance applications. Without this combined help, the crank "walks" off center, side thrusts load up and warp the bearings... and all hell breaks loose in the bottom end.

If your engine is stock or enhanced with mere bolt-ons, the money is best left in your pocket. Again, these bits are for ELITE builds and not adolescent scene "respect". Nobody will know where your unfair advantage comes from. As a great man once advised, "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

Fits All Five-Cylinder: Up to 2000

Sophisticated enthusiasts will also appreciate that  the main bearing girdle functions doubly as a crank scraper. Excess oil is removed from the crank as it spins -a significant blessing at high rpms. This reduces effective rotating mass (allowing for faster acceleration), reduces crank drag/resistance (freeing up horsepower), reduces oil aeration and foaming (prolonging bearing life), and improves fuel and other efficiencies.

Installation requires machining of individual bearing cap spacers. The key to longevity and attaining race GLORY is to keep the crankshaft in it's proper place.


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  • Model: 034198601MC
  • Manufactured by: Eurospec Sport

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