Race Stiffened Subframe

The subframe is the basis for all front end suspension operation and imparts a major effect upon handling. Under hard driving, the factory original part twists and distorts. This destabilizes the chassis and reduces cornering traction.

Vehicles with stiffened subframes handle better, are easier to control, and grip harder because the suspension geometry is kept constant. Traction goes up and the vehicle is easier to keep on a predictable cornering line. Steering feedback improves making the suspension generally more communacative. - a huge confidence booster at speed. Ride comfort is affected insignificantly.

Solid Subframe Bushings are pressed into a brand new stock subframe. Our Steering Rack Bracket is not included but is recommend for maximum gains.

Mk4 Golf/Jetta front subframe

Then, we triangulate the structure and weld seams to increase torsional rigidity.

Hugely important, we strengthen the front end where the control arm bolt in. The captive nuts inside often rip loose. When that happens, the control arm yanks outward, the CV joint is ripped apart, and the car may leave the road or track. We cut open the sheet metal and MIG weld the nuts securely.

Lastly, it's stiched up and painted before battle! Do it once. Do it right.

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Starting at: $495.00

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