VR6 OBD1 Dual Nozzle Mount System

Spray from air-cooling and also octane nozzles with this setup. Maximum intake air temperature (IAT) drop requires placement of a high-flow nozzle far away from the combustion chamber. Just after a FMIC (but not before sharp bends) is most common. Stand off distance ensures that spray will be dry by the time it reaches the throttle. Likewise, for octane boost, a smaller nozzle (approx. 1/3 total flow) is installed immediately behind the TB.

VR6 OBD1 Dual Nozzle Mount System

Kit includes: VR6 12v OBD1 Throttle Body Flange, gaskets, extra-length bolts, 1x Solenoid Upgrade, and Weld-on Nozzle Bung (for aluminum or steel pipe) or plastic Sandwich Bung.

A fixed volume of air at a given starting temperature and pressure can absorb a limited amount of moisture in a given period of time. Add more than that amount and the result will be "precipitation". In plain English, that means that it will literally RAIN inside the intake piping. When fine aerosol coats the walls, puddles, and drips... air cooling stops.

Time's influence upon evaporation is huge. Mounting a nozzle just after the intercooler provides maximum travel distance from the spray point to the engine. Methanol flashes away almost instantly. This leaves behind pure water aerosol which evaporates more slowly (but pulls more heat in that process). More elapsed time faciliates more complete evaporation. More evaporation guarantees more air cooling.

A throttle body-mounted nozzle works exactly the same way but in reverse. Close proximity = droplets flash to steam INSIDE the combustion chambers = slower combustion. This boosts the octane rating in a huge and very beneficial way. 

Nozzle sizing advice: Flow rates MUST be dialed in to match total fuel requirement, boost levels, and intercooling setup. One size does NOT fit all. Ask USRT to help customize your setup.


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  • Model: SPDPACKVR61
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team

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