Mocal 19 Row Heat Exchanger

Application: high-output rally & race engines. High-value 19-row Heat Exchanger. 235mm width, -10AN fittings.

Options abound with respect to mounting solutions. With an AC condensor removed, there is typically room on Mk2 and newer vehicles for the heat exchanger to be mounted directly in front of the radiator. When a condensor is present, however, a builder must be more creative. So long as air can pass through it and ground-based dangers are not a factor, an exchanger will work optimally.

On tightly packed Mk4s, we have placed the unit directly in front of the passenger's side tire with a window cut out of the well liner. High-pressure air is ducted from the bumper, through the cooling fins, and out into the well which is a low-pressure zone.

VW Mk4 oil cooler ducting

In cases where cool air flow is not easily sourced, the piece can serve as a heat sink only. Peak cooling capacity and performance over time will not be at their best, but a meaningful improvement can still be made.


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  • Model: OILCOOLER19
  • Manufactured by: Mocal

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