MK5&6 Street/Race Camber/Caster Plates

  • Model: 141616K2
  • Manufactured by: K-Mac


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Generating and maintaining cornering traction requires that the tire's contact patch be held flat against the ground. As is the case with most strut suspensions, the Mk5/6 suffers from a distorted patch when under heavy load. The result is terminal understeer because the tire rolls over and only part of  the tread adheres to the track/street surface. This problem is compounded by dropping suspension height by more than about 1.5".

Dialing in negative camber improves traction at all ride heights. Furthermore, adding more caster results in dynamic camber gain as the steering wheel is turned away from straight ahead. Our  plates make it easy to angle the strut correct for maxium traction. Most systems on the market require hacking the strut top -an irreversible process. Also, many race rule books prohibit such modifications while street drivers are not usually happy to cut their car to pieces.

Our new Street/Race plates are plug and play and mount directly without any modifications. Furthermore, the strut is located via a heavy duty (Teflon-lined) heim joint (a.k.a. "rose joint" or "pillow ball"). The joint is then suspended in polyurethane to reduce harshness. This greatly extends wear life, improves ride quality, and yet radically improves road feel and steering response. Caster adjustment is also facilitated. This directly influences straight line stability and sharpens turn-in response -a very big deal in front wheel drive cars!

K-MAC Camber/Caster plate design features:
  1. All positional window/aperture adjustment
  2. 30 seconds to change settings
  3. Available for factory diameter coils or adjustable coilovers
  4. Allows maximum adjustment as no hold down bolts need to be accessible
  5. Incorporates a slot/ratchet system whereby the adjustment can be carried out accurately while under load- NO need to jack vehicle
  6. The Street/Race setting features a heavy duty (PTFE lined) pillow ball suspended in urethane, which greatly extends wear life while maintaining road feel and steering response
  7. Street/Race and Full Race settings have replaceable pillow ball centers which allow for virtual lifetime usage
  8. To simplify installation, there are no loose parts as a thin (1mm) retaining plate is included to allow fitting as a one piece unit

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