12V RACE Lifter set

Finally, here's an easy way to convert from hydraulic to solid liter cams. No longer will 7000 rpms be the practical rev limit! So long as internals are properly prepared, the rev band may be extended an incredible 2k rpms or more.

This set of 12 complete solid racing lifters is enhanced with DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating for radically improved wear resistance. Build material is SAE 4120 alloy with a face hardness of Rockwell 52. Foot measurement is 14.50 or 17.50mm to work with standard-length valves. Valve/cam lash adjustment is done by machining the base to the desired clearance. Pick which ever length is closer to (but not under) this required "shim" amount.

These customizable two-piece cam lifters are designed for both long-term economy and ease of set up.  Combine with a solid lifter racing cam and get the revs boiling!


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  • Model: LIFTRACE12
  • Manufactured by: Eurospec Sport

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