TyrolSport (R32) Brake Caliper Stiffening Kit

TyrolSport revolutionary new Brake Caliper Stiffening bushings prevent the caliper flex inherent in the stock rubber-bushed design. This flex leads to uneven pad wear and rotor deposits under hard usage. An inexpensive way to upgrade the feel/performance of the stock brake system. Track tested and mother approved! 100% stainless steel rings are now standard on all kit.

Note: These bushings do require minimal maintenance. We suggest some lube whenever you rotate your tires and definitely when changing brake pads. If you are a non-involved R32 owner, this product might not be for you. It is targeted to those who want to enhance the performance of their .:R for aggressive street, autocross, and track day use.

Installation Instruction
For more info, please see our tech document.

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  • Model: TSBCSKVWR32
  • Manufactured by: Tyrolsport

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