Rear Beam Bearing kit (MK3)

FEEL the road. FEEL the limits of grip (and beyond). Eliminate wiggling rear toe deflections entirely.

USRT MK3 Golf rally (JD Ackley, Scott F. Williams)

Dive deeper into turns while threshold braking. Launch out of them with neutral handling balance. Keep rear end alignment no matter how high the loads at the race track, rally special stage, or on the open road.

VW MK3 rear beam bearings for racing Volkswagen MK3 Golf, Jetta rear beam bearings kit


USRT Volkswagen Golf, Jetta rear beam bearings kit


Simply put, these are the most precise and durable suspension bearings ever made to improve the classic VW rear twist beam. Only the highest quality PTFE-lined spherical bearings and washers are used. Maintainance is a simple affair: Remove a single retaining ring, clean (or swap out) the bearing, and get back into the action.


VW MK3 rear racing beam suspension

Note: Be sure to include your VIN and MODEL YEAR in the order notes. Also, measure the inside diameter of the space that holds the bushing/bearing and supply that information. Fits A3 chassis.

MK3 VW rear racing bearing measurement
IMS SCCH USRT rear Mk3 beam bearings kit
USRT Volkswagen MK3 racing beam bearings kit



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  • Model: SCCHRBK-AX
  • Manufactured by: SCCH

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