MK2/3/Corrado Front Control Arm Bearing kit

  • Manufactured by: SCCH


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Fits all A2 chassis (including Corrado G60 & SLC). Lead time: 1 week

Simply put, these are the most precise and durable suspension bearings ever made to improve stock VW control arms. Only the highest quality PTFE-lined spherical bearings and Seal-It washers are used which provide the best road feedback that money can buy. Camber, castor, and toe deflections are totally elminated. Desired suspension geometry is mainted no matter how high the loads at the race track, rally special stage, or on the open road . Whatsmore, there is no bushing preload at all (which is inevitable with polyurethane or stock rubber bushings). Binding will not occur no matter how far the suspension travels. Keeping parts clean is a simple affair: Remove a single retaining ring, clean (or swap out) the bearing, and get back into the action.

Wise builders go with these bits.

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