Rear Toe Stabilizer (MK1)

VW rear beams are simple and rugged but optimized for efficient 1970s commuting vs. racing. The immense traction traction created by modern tires produces side loads that deflect the trailing arms. This produces dynamic toe out and instability. -especially troubling under hard deceleration into corners. 

Our Rear Beam Toe Stabilizer kit triangulates the rear arms with machined tie rods on either end. These attach to steel towers that are welded below the lower shock mount. Tie rod ends are Teflon-lined for smooth operation and longevity and anchored with large 1/2-20 fasteners.

This product complements our Mk1 VW Rear Beam Spherical Bearing kit and will deliver maximum performance when working together.

NOTE: Fabrication is required to install this kit and the modification is permanent. A certified professional is highly recommended for this job.


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  • Manufactured by: SCCH

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