Rear Beam Spherical Bearing kit (MK1)

The rear of of our beloved Mk1 cars isn't exactly sophisticated. Lock it down and make it work by removing bushings wiggle and squish. After honing skills as a track driver or autocrosser, you expect predictable handling performance, but you will NOT get it from the stock setup.

Polyurethane is always the first step forward. You did that and the improvement was great. But, now it's time to step up your game and chase down the podium-finishing elites. Here's your "unfair advantage"!

Wiggle your rear end no more. Keep it steady and secure with our bearings system.

Ultimately, only a set of real deal race bearings will do the job because it takes their precision to maintain and communicate handling balance. -particularly while trailbraking towards corner apex and at mid-corner before engine torque is applied. Even hard plastic bushings deflect under load and allow suspension geometry to distort. -not so with these rigid but Teflon-smooth/non-binding parts.

VW Volkswagen Mk1 rear beam bearing mounted

Ride quality is often improved over stock and poly bushings (except on choppy surfaces where harshness increases). Noise and vibration are not changed substantially. Put these to work with our MK1 Rear Toe Stabilizer for an ultimate setup.

Note1: Fits all A1 chassis except Pickup Truck/Caddy.
Note2: Not ideal for rally cars (due to water, grit, and other bearing-fouling contamination).
Note3: Parts are treated for corrosion resistance to withstand daily driving in conditions that "are not very salty".
Note4: Bearings are easily replaced as part of long-term maintenance.

Be sure to include your VIN and MODEL YEAR in the order notes. 


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  • Model: SCCH-MK1-RBBK
  • Manufactured by: SCCH

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