Racing Subframe

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The subframe is about 5lbs lighter than stock, much stiffer, and offers improved roll center geometry. The subframe is the basis for all front end suspension operation and imparts a major effect upon handling. Under hard driving, the factory original subframe twists and distorts. This reduces cornering traction and makes handling unpredictable.

Vehicles with stiffened subframes handle better, are easier to control, and grip harder (with the same spring rates) because the suspension geometry is kept constant. Traction goes up and the vehicle is easier to keep on a predictable cornering line. Steering feedback improves making the suspension generally more communacative. - a huge confidence booster at speed. Ride comfort is affected insignificantly (but will likely improve due to increased rigidity).

VW, Volkswagen, MK4,racing subframe

One of the more "magical" benefits is that installation substantially increases roll resistance (without increasing front spring rates). The need for a front swaybar/anti-roll bar is lessened. Front end traction is improved and an understeering car handles more neutrally with no other changes. All this is achieved by raising the front roll-center to be closer to the center of gravity. (This geometric relationshiop is compromised after lowering the vehicle.)

Under hard cornering, the vehicle will lean less and thus not compress the outside front wheel as much. So, it is less likely to be upset upon impact with mid-corner bumps. Weight transfer towards the outside tire is reduced which allows both tires to better grip the road surface. In short, we're talking about huge gains in traction, chassis stability, and steering feel.

Our Steering Rack Bracket is not included but is highly recommend for maximum tactile feel.

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