Steering Rack Mount Bushing

Let's face it, the Mk4 platform is no longer a featherweight pocket rocket. Not only is it heavy, but it's also more refined than older models with lots of soft rubber bushings. These bushings deliver comfort at the expense of general numbness or lack of "feel".

Powerflex PFF485-416 polyurethane rack bushing

So, let's envision this scenario: You’re charging hard towards a corner. Smoothly you back off the gas pedal while turning in towards the… apex that comes up quick! It slips behind you and you ease on some throttle while unwinding the wheel. Then, the steering goes light without warning AND ssSSLIP! Hey!

Powerflex PFF485-416 poly steering rack bushing

The car understeers outwards, speed is scrubbed, and after some tire screeching, the numb non-communicative feeling returns to the steering wheel in your trembling hands. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Powerflex PFF485-416 Mk4 VW steering rack bushing

Stock rack bushings are supplied soft so as to isolate driver and passenger from any vibration. The steering rack is thusly able to deflect out of alignment as the bushings squish during cornering. The car is unable to pass on critical information that the sport driver would otherwise feel through his or her hands. Stiff polyurethane rack bushings eliminate this deflection. They restore steering geometry and tell the driver what’s going on where the rubber meets blacktop.

Powerflex PFF485-416 Mk4 VW poly bushing

Sport driving is rewarded when the driver can feel the edge of traction and slip. It is at this razor’s edge where the driver, machine, and road are perfectly balanced. Speed and confidence are maximized. These bushings aren’t the most expensive modification, but to the aggressive driver they are treasure. Combine with solid bronze subframe plus  front and rear control arm bushings for  steering precision guaranteed to blow your mind. Or... if you really need to have it ALL... consider our Solid Steering Rack Bracket.

Bushings are sold in the required number for one car for the specified location (7).

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  • Model: PFF85-416 x1
  • Manufactured by: Powerflex

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