Tubular Front Control Arms (MK1)

Our Mk1 Tubular Control Arm pairs are designed to significantly improve front tire grip, steering feedback and response, and handling at the limits of adhesion. This is done primarily by a complete elimination of bushing deflection and slop. Also, since stiffness and strength are greatly increased, alignment settings remain dialed in under race conditions with slick or DOT-R tires.

These are ADJUSTABLE vs. fixed. -and built STRONG from USA steel. They're TIG welded and manufactured with PTFE-lined Chromoly rod ends. There are no provisions to mount a front sway bar.

These arms have 1/2'' (12mm) of roll center correction and are designed for track and rally duties. (Of course, that means that they'll hold up on the street, too.) Take jumps! Avoid curbs.

A HUGE plus is that the ball joint does NOT need to be welded to the knuckles. Yet, our design eliminate all possibility of ''flex'' at the jonction of the knuckle. Change the roll center as needed to dial the car in (with very simple modifications).

  • Heavy duty Chromoly rod end and balljoint spherical bearing.
  • Modular/rebuildable (F1 quality-rated) ball joint for easy roll center adjustment
  • Fully adjustable on both camber and caster
  • Sturdy design at the jonction of the trailling arm and main arm with two 1/2'' graded bolts
  • Stainless steel rod end spacer/reducer
  • Powdercoated in house for impeccable finish
  • Stubby weld bung at the rod ends for added strength
  • Proper support material around ball joint bearing cups
  • Aviation-grade bolt at the ball joint with 4140 insert sleeve


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  • Model: SUSPMK1ARM
  • Manufactured by: JUST Engineering

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