4-Point Lower Stress Bar (MK1)

For the money, a lower front stress bars is the most cost-effective way to improve A1 chassis vehicles. (That is, Rabbit/Golf, Jetta, Scirocco, Pickup, etc.) The improvements in structural rigidity and steering responsiveness are amazing. Nothing else delivers so much value. In fact, other modifications don't even work properly unless the front end is braced first.

Mk1 A1 Volkswagen VW lower front stress bar

Mk1 A1 Volkswagen VW lower front stress bar (top view)

Newer chassis cars (A2 forward) rely upon rigid subframes to locate the control arms and control fore/aft drivetrain movement. The A1 cars mount the control arms directly to the unibody's "frame horns". These flex under cornering load which changes suspension geometry for the worse. They are also succeptible to bending and cracking after years of hard impacts.

VW Volkswagen Mk1 lower stress bar red

Watch the metal immediately behind the steering rack. FIX THAT NOW.

The factory equipped Scirocco 16v cars with a brace very similar to our product. For best handling and chassis strength, it is best to add both upper and lower braces. However, the lower stress bar is far more important if you can only add one.


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  • Model: SUSPLBAR1/430300
  • Manufactured by: Techtonics Tuning

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