Front Control Arm Front Bushing

  • Model: PFF85-211 x2
  • Manufactured by: Powerflex


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Turn the steering wheel on a car with tuned suspension and the car nearly "attacks" the corner. Driver confidence is high as the car tracks directly in the desired direction. Feel at the wheel is sharp and direct with traction information fed directly to the driver's hands. This is exactly what does NOT happen with numb and sloppy OEM bits. They mush under load and allow suspension geometry to distort.

Improve your Mk1's steering precision and corner turn in response with a set of front plus rear control arm bushings. Noise and vibration are not changed at all. However, the improvement in control and general "feel" is truly outstanding. You'll actually know what's going on at the front end of the car while maneuvering. Add steering rack and rear beam bushings to complete a critical first stage of suspension transformation.

Note: Rally cars should NOT use this polyurethane part.; a new OEM bushing is best for longevity. The rear position may upgraded safely and effectively, however. Dedicated track racers may also opt for our Race Control Arm Bearing and Rear Beam Bearing kits.

These bushings are sold in the required number for one car for the specified location.

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