Honda S2000 (RACE) DPR4+1

There are special cars, special circumstances, special kids... And, surely 850hp 4-cylinder projects involve all three! For big air cooling, a RACE valve with 625cc nozzle is placed just after the front mount intercooler. Temperatures drop from summer heat to winter cold. Then, roughly 2/3 through the boost range, another pair sends octane flow to runner mounted nozzles. Run more boost on regular-grade fuel with full timing advance (and bold confidence).

These ultra-fast 4AN threaded solenoids are compatible with all Snow controllers (but none from AEM). They work best with advanced boxes like Cortex EBC, FrostByte, or Torqbyte. This particular vehicle is managed by a MoTeC ECU. -using two PWM output channels for the valves and a simple on/off channel for pump actuation under load. Tune exactly like EFI.


Our Rapid Acting Control Elements (aka "RACE valves") are now the fastest/most accurate flow control actuators on the market. They function at 220psi. Whereas, the previous champs are rated to 180psi and others struggle at only 150. Higher pressure = finer aerosol atomization = superior evaporation = lower air temperatures = SAFETY = TORQUE = WIN.

RACE valves feature stainless steel internals with laser-welded bodies. Banjo bolts and fittings are nickel-plated brass. Nozzle holders are anodized aluminum. -happy in pure water, pure methanol, or any blend. Main supply from the pump is done with black braided 4AN hose (sold separately). As is the feed to the post-IC air cooling valve. Direct port plumbing is completed with (supplied) PTFE line and our custom 3/16 compression fittings.



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  • Model: WAIDPR4S2K
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team

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