WMI Pump Upper Housing Upgrade (6AN)

Convert your pump to work with 3/8 fittings and enjoy convenient expansion possibilities plus superior intake flow capacity. This part fits water/meth pumps from all vendors using Aquatec pumps with seven screw attachment points. Pressure adjustments will be required using a 1/16" allen key. Do that with our famous Tuner's Pressure Gauge.

Snow Aquatec SNO-40900UHA-B

Once converted to a 3/8" threaded top, USRT's high-performance plumbing solutions may be installed. See
BIG BORE Outlet and SEND IT:

Water/meth pump with 3/8 outlet system
And, satisfy your beast with a DEEP THIRST Inlet, too:

Water/methanol high-performance inlet


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  • Model: WAIPMPHEAD6
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team

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