HAMMER WMI Pump (400+psi)

  • Model: WAIHAMMER
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team


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ATOMIZATION is what this mighty pump is all about, breaking up fluid into teeny droplets with massive PRESSURE. It's a matter of BRUTE FORCE combined with linear control. Normal pumps begin to atomize at about 100psi and then peak at just over 200psi. This one starts service at the same low pressure but then more than DOUBLES it for far extended control range. (Peak pressure of 1000psi is actually achievable but not with helpful flow rates.)

Note: This pump is simply too powerful to use with total flow rates of less than 375cc/minute. Also, control frequency requirements are somewhat particular. Contact us for details. Do not combine with a typical "two-knob" controller. The HAMMER is for elite projects only.

This pump uses FOUR ports for intake and output. One outlet port is dedicated to external pressure regulator (shown in all images). The other outlet sends fluid to the engine. Both intlet holes may be used for high-flow or just one. A full fittings package is now available separately.

Physically wider than a typical water/meth pump, the anodized aluminum top section is packed with a gear reduction unit that turn shaft RPM into massive torque. This is what's necessary to squeeze fluid radically harder than what conventional equipment can achieve.

Mounting bracket is exactly the same as what's already on the market. So, this pump can typically swap in where another once served. Head width is still a factor. So, measure your space and make real plans vs. guess.

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