BIG BORE OUTLET (checked & filtered)

Your SERIOUS plumbing solution that filters fluid (80-micron mesh) adds a huge flow check valve (with 15psi crack pressure) and can be plumbed with gigantic 6AN fittings or easily adapted to anything else:

BIG BORE 6AN water methanol pump outlet with pressure sensor & gauge

Double gauge ports are provided to optionally mount a pressure sensor (failsafe/data logging) and/or pressure gauge (for tuning pump output). This system fits all pumps with 3/8" threads.

USRT BIG BORE water methanol outlet

Remember, this is the critical pressurized side. Leaks are avoided via use of quality 6AN fittings. With methanol-heavy concentrations (e.g. 30/70), fire hazard must be taken very seriously. Your life may depend upon it.

USRT water meth pump outlet flow area comparison

The difference in flow area between 1/4" and 6AN is MASSIVE. Peak flow rates are modestly improved when compared to 1/4" plumbing. However, the great value is fluid pressure stabilization. Pressure dips and spikes a LOT in a conventional water/meth setup. Such complicates tuning and makes operation erratic. High-output engines are equipped with enlarged fuel rails for a practical reason. The exact same design philosophy is extended here.

As fast solenoid valves pulse, the line pressure bounces up and down. -so much that flow sensors are disrupted in function. When a regular solenoid opens to supply an additional spray stage, line pressure suddenly drops before recovering over a full second or so. This is enough time to scatter engine parts! KaBOOM! Avoid trouble and a sad face. ADD VOLUME.

Running really hard on the octane side? Using your WMI for auxiliary fueling? Our BIG BORE OUTLET is lost-cost insurance against motorsport's mechanical mayhem.

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