GM DP8+2

  • Model: WAITDP82
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team


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Now, we've got a Chevy C10 with a 6.0 LS paired to a 4L80E transmission. It puts out 900 horses at the crank via turbo and features a beefy 24x12x3" intercooler up front. Core heat soak isn't a problem. IAT could be improved but the intake piping is full of bends and twists. In this case, though, the main issue is octane. Not enough has been... "inconvenient":
-an impressive outcome, that was not preferred:
This piston is no longer living its best life:

The easy first step is a strategically placed pair of air cooling nozzles. They'll be installed closer to the throttle than we'd prefer, but a two of them will atomize fluid better than a single big unit. And, thus evaporation will be superior. Innovation beats standard formulas.

With 900bhp from 18psi that 93 pump gas can't satisfy... the final answer is direct port injection and a 50/50 mixture. Water provides infinite octane because NOTHING makes it detonate. The methanol expedites water's evaporation rate and drops IATs FAST within a short distance.

8x 45cc (.75gph) octane enhancing nozzles for each intake runner
2x 225cc (4gph) air cooling nozzles (placed after intercooler/not supplied in this kit)
200psi pump pressure
50/50 mixture

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