VW R32 (RACE) DPR6+1

  • Model: WAIDPR61R32
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team


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Over the top projects like "Project Nemesis R700" demand state of the art engine management. USRT's new RACE valves are the fastest/most accurate flow control actuators on the market. -a perfect match.

RACE valves function at 220psi. Whereas, other solenoids do 180psi at best while yet more struggle at just 150! Featuring full stainless steel internals, these parts are impervious to pure water, pure methanol, or any blend. Achieve EFI-level control precision and enjoy it for the life of the car. -no rebuilds are ever necessary.

Main air cooling is typically done post-IC. However, lurking under Nemesis R700's hood is a huge air/water intercooler (AWIC). Essentially zero standoff distance exists before the throttle body. Yet, there is a LONG and STRAIGHT shot to it from the turbo! Spraying from the compressor outlet position (under heavy sustained boost) will eliminate core heat soak when it matters.

Volume from this air cooling position will be regulated by directly actuating the pump (producing working pressures that vary between 100 and 220psi). This is the way WMI systems normally work. However...

OCTANE provision and fueling require far more control precision. These ultra-fast solenoids are compatible with all Snow controllers. They are even more effective when paired to advanced options like Cortex EBC, FrostByte, and Torqbyte. Standalone ECUs do the job with the most flexibility and sophistication. (AEM controllers are specifically not compatible.)

Matching the RACE valves themselves, the main fluid circuit is done with 4AN fittings. All nozzle connections are done with smaller 3AN for best control accuracy.

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