Tuner's Pressure Gauge

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Finally! -a pressure gauge for adjusting water/meth pumps. Output pressure must typically be turned up or down to  optimize flow rates. This is laborious and challenging to do by feel or even via data logging alone. Put this tool box gauge to work to make adjustments easy and obvious. You'll save far more in dyno time than is invested on the part.

USRT water/methanol injection pressure gauge

A plug is also supplied to faciliate "dead head" pressure testing. Do it when the pump is brand new to see what maximum pressure it can generate against full resistance. Check periodically to ensure that performance is maintained.

Gauge face displays 0-300psi and also 0 - 2000kpa.

Adjustment is done via the Allen bolt head at the very bottom of the pump head. Turn clockwise to increase and counter clockwise to drop pressure.

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