BigUPPER K03 (VW 20V-spec)

FLOW MORE FROM YOUR 1.8T's TINY K03 TURBO:  Hot air takes up more space than cold air. Cooling it inside the compressor with water/methanol condenses the air and back pressure drops. The wastegate then forces the turbo to spin faster to get it back.

The result is the same mechanically-set boost level but with greater mass air moved towards the engine. Spool characteristics are left identical to stock, but peak flow is "BIG UPPED". A 1.8T K03 instantly performs more like a K04 up top where it counts with no ECU reprogramming required. Of course, a K04-001 will only become even more potent. Fits aftermarket high-flow turbo inlet pipes. Supplied together with the USRT Boost Trigga switch and Solenoid Upgrade to ensure that spray is delivered only at nearly maximum boost conditions.

USRT pre-compressor water/methanol injection

Mounting veins are knife edged and center section is streamlined for minimal air disruption. Feed line is only 1/8" diameter for even less air disturbance. All 30 or 50cc/min of flow is directed at compressor nut to avoid blade tip erosion.

USRT BigUPPER K03 pre-turbo water methanol

Note: Drop-in installation in Golf/Jetta requires an aftermarket throttle inlet pipe upgrade. Recent testing demonstrates that installation in a stock Audi TT180 pipe is possible.

water methanol pre-turbo blades wear

Wear is essentially non-existent after 29k miles and about 50 gallons (189 liters) total consumption.

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  • Model: WAIBIGUPK03
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team

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