Mk5/6 Upgrade Radiator

Mk5/6 street cars with factory radiators are very well served... on the street. Hit the race track, however, and the low thermal capacity becomes a hindrence. After a hot lap or three under heavy boost, the temperatures climb scarily. The only fix has been to come in to cool down and reduce that boil to a simmer. All this is exascerbated by addition of a thicker FMIC which cuts air flow to and through the radiator. What can be done about it?

Installation of the Tyrolsport Mk5/6 TSI/FSI Upgraded Radiator solves the problem which collected data demonstrates conclusively.

VW Volkswagen Mk5/6 Tyrolsport radiator temperature data

VW Volkswagen Mk5 Mk6 aluminum radiator

With a 25% increase in fluid volume, this all aluminum piece is guaranteed to reduce excessively high water temperatures caused by larger aftermarket intercoolers. A full 20-25% decrease in radiator outlet temperatures can be expected. No modifications are required to clear the largest aftermarket intercooler designs. Precision fit leak-free hose ends are provided for OEM reliability and function. Installation is thusly straight forward with no surprises. This radiator can also be ordered with -16 AN male connections on end tanks.

This solution is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA. Continuous track and street testing makes it a true no-brainer for the hardcore go fast driver/builder.

Technical Specifications:

  • Core Dimensions 1.5”/1.875” x 18.0” x 25.0”
  • Single row (tube-width 1.45”)
  • Louvered Fins
  • Fin-Thickness .0065”
  • 12 Fins per inch
  •  Vacuum brazed
  • Internal Volume 1.474 liters
  • Up to 25 psig Operating Pressure


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  • Model: RADTSMK56
  • Manufactured by: Tyrolsport

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